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We offer one of the most comprehensive portfolios of antibodies worldwide. This includes monoclonal and polyclonal primary antibodies, conjugated antibodies, phospho- specific antibodies, functional antibodies, Isotype antibodies, control antibodies, tag antibodies and antibody pairs.

The antibodies are generated in various hosts and react to antigens of different species like human, mouse, rat, rabbit or zebrafish. The primary antibodies are validated for multiple applications, including IF, immunohistochemistry (IHC-P, IHC-Fr), Western blot (WB), immunoprecipitation (IP), ELISA and flow cytometry (FC), to ensure reliable performance for your research needs.

Loading Control Antibodies:

Loading controls are normally proteins that exhibit high-level, constitutive expression in the cell type or sample you are studying. This is also called “Housekeeping genes”. Loading controls are absolutely important to ensure the reliability of your data when making comparison of expression of a protein in different samples.

Loading controls can be used to normalize the levels of protein detected  by confirming that  protein loading is the same across the gel in your experiment.

List of Loading Control Antibodies are as follows:

Name of Loading control Suitability Name of Loading control Suitability To Order
Beta – Actin Whole cell & cytoplasmic HSP60 Mitochondrial Contact Us
GAPDH Whole cell & cytoplasmic COX IV Mitochondrial Contact Us
Tubulin Whole cell & cytoplasmic Histone H3 Nuclear Contact Us
Vinculin Whole cell & cytoplasmic PCNA Nuclear Contact Us
VDCA1 / Porin Mitochondrial HDAC1 Nuclear Contact Us

Popular Antibodies:

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